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Return & Exchange

We are really apologise for the inconvenience coused to you!

Well If you have some issue with the product which is delivered to you don't worry
we have 7 days return policy for our customers for that you need to follow some steps.

1) Inform us with in 24 hours after your product is delivered to you. we have various
intemation methods you can email us on, you can call us on +91-8743877708
or you can whatsapp us on +91-8743877708.

2) follow the intruntion and return the parcel within 7 days to the company address provided
to your responded complain.

3) Once we receive the product we wil check the product, product should be in original packaging
and tags, if we find that there is something missing with the product or product is not sent in
proper way brocken or tags missing your request of return will be dismiss.

4) Once we receive the product its you wish whether you want replacement of money back.

We are providing you whatsapp and call no. you can contact us if you have any question.

Note: We comapny no. Ahmad Retail Solutions have all the right reserve,
we have the right to change any policy and condition any time without giving any prior notice.