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Mini Cart is a place where you can find great and unique collection manufactured by our designers keeping our customers demand in their mind, our aim is to satisfy our customers with quality and unique products, we have a unit to design devolope and create new variety so our customer always have something new for their closet, for now we are working on Sunglasses, Ladies Footwear and Men Shirts,

Our story was started in march 2015 in new Delhi we had a small team and with limited edition of ladies Ethinic section, we were designing Lehenga, Suit, sarees. We also worked on western designs, due to some reason we had to close our online portal but now we are back with some new categories, great quality and new designs We are buying all the stuff from main manufacturing units so the product should be pocket friendly and the quality should not be tempered.

Our leading brand for different categories are Deixels, Poloshades, Ahliya Libaz and Olgaa. Our manugcatures belongs to Mumbai, New Delhi, Surat and Lucknow.

We are aslo working with some market places and offline stores and delivering happiness to our customers. We are aslo on social media platfots with 1 Lakh followers You can search us on facebook with zakasieshop and instagram zakasieshop.

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Our customers are our family and we request you to join our family and make us strong. We thank you all that you gave us a chance to make you smile.